A chef like no other

Ben works on a wide array of exciting food related projects worldwide that form Puzzle Projects, whether that is consultancy to various F&B businesses, cooking privately, creating & holding public dining events such as ‘#AllGunsBlazing' or ‘The Great British Fry Up’ or collaborating with talented and exciting designers, artists or industry professionals.

Dear Friends,

I hope you have all had a strong and decent 2016 and your December plans (and general madness) is going to be good to you. I am beginning to lay out my plans for 2017 and wanted to share it with you.

Aside from hospitality consultancy (to businesses in all sectors) and interactive team session work, I wanted to share with you the event side of my business.

I have over 5 years events experience and continue to do a lot of events for major brands at corporate & independent level, as well as high profile client entertaining. These dining experiences & events are also adaptable for private dinners, birthdays and staff parties. They are suitable for indoors or outdoors, on cliffs, in caves, rooftop carparks, on the beach – pretty much wherever you want it to happen and often with a very basic set up requiring just running water and electricity.

2017 will see my public dining events focus predominately on a monthly #AllGunsBlazing welcoming Michelin starred chefs from leading restaurants in Europe and as far as Australia – as well as a more regular and permanent home for Small Plate Sessions where I will develop and explore my passion for merging quality and super creative food and music together in a relaxed and completely accessible Sunday environment (that gets a little looser at after 10pm). Small Plate Sessions will see some of the very best Underground DJ’s & Producers come from all over Europe to play live sets while I cook a short but banging menu of no more than 12 dishes. Plenty of interactive food to be shared, eaten with hands, off hands, and enhanced with some trademark playfulness and vibes that would make you want to wiggle.

You might be a struggling or successful restaurant or venue wanting to shake things up for an evening or two and that’s cool – there is plenty of scope to collaborate on a menu or have a menu takeover. I cooked at over 15 different independent restaurants in the UK & Europe for one off nights in 2016.

Do check out my YouTube Channel to see a few films from events this year and my Soundcloud page in its baby stages, which will grow a lot over the coming year – shameless plug I know I know 🙂

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch for a free quote and chat on the phone, about any idea related to the events or just anything I can do for you in general.

Take care & thank you for reading,

Ben x

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