Do you have an amazing idea, but need advice on how to make it a reality?

Or do you have an existing business – one that needs help, or one that you’re looking to push forward to even greater success with a fresh injection of new ideas? Perhaps your work atmosphere feels a little flat, your team need inspiration, your menu needs shaking up or your kitchen could be more efficient and cost-effective?

"We worked with Ben in the early stages of product development of the Farmino plant growing system, and he helped us in numerous ways: providing feedback on our crop flavour and quality, coming up with ideas for interesting crops we could grow, and advising on the practical aspects of operating in busy commercial kitchens. Ben's imagination and experience helped us make a much better product."

- Jason Hirst, Managing Director, Evogro Ltd.

"Globalista Konyha / Globalist Kitchen worked with Ben in July 2014. We invited him to Hungary to cook an amazing pop-up at Lake Balaton and two dinners in Budapest, in a secret garden.

His set menus have a perfect flow because he knows what he wants to achieve with a dinner (if you can keep up with the plates, his plating ideas and the amount of ingredients). We have never met any other chef who cooked more than 7 courses. Ben especially likes to play with some basic senses, like touching, smelling, tasting.

It doesn't matter for him if it is a professional kitchen or a mobile kitchen in a garden, the result is the same. The guests didn't really know what to expect but at the end everything comes together and it really gives an extra pleasure when you realise that everything had a meaning. The potato triples its taste, the pork belly melts in the mouth and the beans can be the queen of the menu. This is why his cooking is magical."

- Globalist Kitchen

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