Do you have an amazing idea, but need advice on how to make it a reality?

Or do you have an existing business – one that needs help, or one that you’re looking to push forward to even greater success with a fresh injection of new ideas? Perhaps your work atmosphere feels a little flat, your team need inspiration, your menu needs shaking up or your kitchen could be more efficient and cost-effective?

“As Continental Chef Supplies have a reputation for being the world’s foremost, innovative suppliers of high quality equipment to the catering industry, we were delighted to work with Ben as a consultant for ‘Crucial Detail’ – the product made famous by 3 Michelin-starred chef Grant Achatz of Alinea.

Ben was a clear choice to endorse this range of products when considering his strong background in the industry, his reputation as a pioneering chef as well as his knowledge and flair for creative presentation solutions.

His support, involvement and expertise were evident throughout and we would have no hesitation in choosing Ben again to help us represent some of the other exciting products that CCS has to offer to the catering and hospitality sector.”

- Antony Ward, Head of Marketing, Continental Chef Supplies

“I asked Ben to spend a week with us after seeing him demo and following his early career; I admire Ben’s creativity and flair and was very interested to hear his opinions on my food, the workings of our kitchen and the dining experience at Titchwell Manor as a whole.

The short time Ben spent with us was very successful. A lot of the feedback and advice we put into practice immediately and I believe it made an instant improvement as well as long term benefit; we still have techniques on the menu that Ben showed us.

He had a nice manner, which helped all the staff to be receptive to his suggestions, and was very professional throughout his time with us.”

- Eric Snaith,
Chef/Owner, Titchwell Manor Hotel

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