Do you have an amazing idea, but need advice on how to make it a reality?

Or do you have an existing business – one that needs help, or one that you’re looking to push forward to even greater success with a fresh injection of new ideas? Perhaps your work atmosphere feels a little flat, your team need inspiration, your menu needs shaking up or your kitchen could be more efficient and cost-effective?

“Ben Spalding created a bespoke media event, a breakfast tasting menu to bring to life Dove’s new range, Purely Pampering. Ben followed the client brief impeccably but also managed to create a truly unique experience, which captivated the media.”


“Ben Spalding was tasked to create a series of dishes with the Smirnoff limited edition flavored vodkas as a key ingredient. The dishes featuring blueberry, vanilla, apple and lime vodka were creative, delicious but also easy enough for the media to recreate. The dishes generated coverage across a range of food & drink and lifestyle magazines and online media.”

- Louisa Ham, PR representative for Smirnoff

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