Do you have an amazing idea, but need advice on how to make it a reality?

Or do you have an existing business – one that needs help, or one that you’re looking to push forward to even greater success with a fresh injection of new ideas? Perhaps your work atmosphere feels a little flat, your team need inspiration, your menu needs shaking up or your kitchen could be more efficient and cost-effective?

Harbour & Jones continue to work with Ben and PuzzleProjects on a number of different food events; over the last nine months he has hosted inspirational training days for our chefs (who have commented, ‘eye opening’, ‘best training session they have done’), wowed with his #SmallPlates concept within our staff restaurants, and provided some genuine food for thought with some spectacular dishes at our inaugural Trend Talk. 

The half hot tom yum and parsnip soup is still being talked about and in fact I think if I close my eyes I could still taste it.  Everything he does is carried out with extreme precision (the mise en place is a lesson in itself!).
Ben thinks about food in a parallel universe!  The way he is able to garner such intense flavours is truly mind-blowing and he is very happy (dare I say, prefers) to push boundaries.

In this day and age, Ben also has a strong understanding of the power of his (very on-trend) branding and social media presence. We look forward to embarking on more adventures with PuzzleProjects!

- Sally Jones, Sales & Marketing Director, Harbour & Jones

“Ben Spalding spent two weeks with us as a consultant to our F&B offering here at Landvetter Airport Hotel in order to boost both our kitchen team and dining room team.
He brought his great experience of working in high performance, top-notch cuisine around the world.

He inspired our team in high-end yet unpretentious cooking and plating. His outside-the-box thinking is extraordinary and there seems to be no limits to what it is actually possible to do in a kitchen and dining room.

We as a restaurant have taken the knowledge from Ben about how important the details really are and incorporated them into our daily work ethic. We look forward to welcoming him back next year.”

- Andreas Granhage, Restaurant Manager, Landvetter Airport Hotel

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